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Event Calendar: Top Ten Metaverse Events of 2023

There is more to the metaverse than just virtual reality. Programmers can design and implement their own 3D social and economic systems on this open platform. This article will examine the top ten 2023 events that are shaping the metaverse's future as we know it.

Metaverse Event Calendar: Top Ten Metaverse Events of 2023

What exactly is a metaverse? People can interact with each other and create content in the shared virtual world known as the "metaverse." It is built on top of already-developed technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain. These advancements have allowed us to experience our world in ways we never thought were conceivable.

You won't want to miss any of the ten metaverse events listed below in 2023.

Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES)

Real enterprises sharing real experiences of testing, adopting, and scaling XR and other metaverse technologies. Enterprises come to the Augmented Enterprise Summit to hear practical and tested adivice for using AR/VR/MR (XR) and other emerging technologies in the workplace

Speakers share real experiences, genuine successes, honest failures, and lessons learned — including:

  • How to choose a use case, solution, partner or vendor

  • How to get executive buy-in and work with IT and other stakeholders

  • How to set up a low-cost pilot, determine KPIs, and measure ROI

  • How to handle change management and interoperability

  • How to create a pipeline of 3D digital content

  • How to manage devices, security, privacy, and more

Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 8 to January 12. The metaverse event showcases cutting-edge innovations and technologies that will shape the future of consumer technology, with exhibitors ranging from Intel and Sony to HTC Vive. Attendees anticipate seeing numerous manufacturers, platforms, and developers advance their business customer technology. Tickets are required for participation in this summit, which costs up to $400 for attendees.

Participants will gain knowledge about how applications in education, communication, medicine, and the military can be transformed by head-mounted displays, smart glasses, and other technologies.

South by Southwest

South by Southwest is a convention that showcases the most recent innovations in television, computers, virtual reality, and music. Presenters at this convention can choose from a wide variety of programming tracks and wear badges for interactives, convergence, movies, music, and other topics.

It would be interesting to learn more about other subjects like the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, hardware, wearables, and robots. Tickets range in price from $475 to $1525, depending on the pass level you select; virtual attendees pay a fee of $149.

Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference is like a playground for game developers. It will host speakers from major companies such as Google, Epic, Oculus, Nvidia, and Sony. During the course of this convention, which lasts from March 20th to March 24th, people in San Francisco can visit the Game Developers Conference.

Meanwhile, people worldwide will be able to do it virtually. This talk will bring key insights about the metaverse, show how to discuss solutions, solve problems, and even introduce new development techniques.

IEEE Virtual Reality Conference

The IEEE Virtual Reality Conference will be held March 25-29 in San Diego. The organizers invite anyone interested in VR and AR to participate in various formats, from workshops and tutorials to audio-visual presentations. Registration fees vary between $100-$180, while submissions can go for up to $500.

Nvidia GTC

The annual NVIDIA GTC will take place this year from March 21–24 in San Jose, California. The discussion of deep learning and AI technologies will bring together some of the most creative minds in tech and research. Attendees will be able to learn about AI and GPU while also watching presentations from leaders in the field of graphics technology.

MIT Reality Hack

Reality Hack is one of the most important XR conferences in 2023. People can attend in Boston or virtually, where more than 400 hackers join to work on their skills and learn together, all to create new virtual reality apps and metaverses. The event has a 12,000 USD prize pool for the winner who can create the best project, attracting many interested participants worldwide. Entrance is free, but participants need to apply. In addition, many sponsors usually contact the participant to cover travel costs, depending on the user's skills and knowledge.

Global XR Conference

Annually, the Global XR Conference is held in the US with an emphasis on augmented and virtual reality. The event is sponsored by Microsoft and XR Bootcamp and will take place in late 2023. Users can learn about quantum computing and watch presentations on how to build a secure, inclusive metaverse at this conference.


The ICBM EXPO International Crypto, Blockchain, and Metaverse Expo will be held in Dubai on March 2023. The event offers a unique platform for businesses, startups, and developers to showcase their latest innovations, products, and services in this rapidly expanding sector.


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