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Tekniplex World

In the Fall of 2021, Mytaverse launched the Tekni-Plex Innovation Lab and Showroom.  This was one of our earliest and most successful examples of how we constructed an interactive and fully-immersive product showroom in the metaverse.  Designed to the specifications of the packaging manufacturer Tekni-Plex, company employees hold team meetings in the world as well as display products to potential customers.  The Tekni-Plex campus even has a soccer field where team members can relax.

Project Lead Quote:  

“Our mission for the Tekni-Plex project was to empower the client’s employees through richer engagement with each other and with customers.  We were able to accomplish these value-added interactions thanks to the deployment of digital twins of Tekni-Plex products in their own branded and photo-realistic, dynamic 3D setting.  The deeper relationship with the brands in the 3D environment is realized without any physical limitations as people are able to access our Mytaverse world from anywhere and anytime.” said Jaime Lopez, CTO, and Co-Founder of Mytaverse.


What We Can Do

The item that needs to be displayed does not really matter for us.  It could be an airplane, packing materials, heavy machinery, cars, furniture or apartment buildings. The unique quality of the metaverse permits us to construct practically anything for display.  Thanks to the dynamic use of digital-twin technology by Mytaverse, we can take your 3D files and then “weave” them into the 3D space you need.  Then you can enter this space and through the use of an avatar become fully immersed so that interaction with the displayed items becomes true-to-life and unforgettable.  


Some Media About the Tekni-Plex Mytaverse Showroom and Innovation Lab


Technology Day 


Video Assets


Tekni-Plex World 

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