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Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform for fully immersive 3D multiplayer experiences that recreate true-to-life interactions and environments. By reimagining how people work, our answer to the business metaverse enables colleagues and clients to meet face-to-face in an interconnected digital world at any time, from anywhere in the world and through any device.

We call it the Mytaverse Experience. Best of all, no special equipment required!

3D Spatial Sound

Our 3D sound technology
allows you to have true-to-life talks with other users inside of the virtual world

Access from Anywhere

Our cloud streaming solutions

allow you to access Mytaverse

from anywhere in the world

Hardware Agnostic

Mytaverse is accessible

through several web browsers (including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) in different platforms without the need for downloads or any special hardware requirements


Limited only by one’s imagination, Mytaverse offers several core solutions:
Product Showrooms, People Hub, Simulations, Workspaces and
much more

Product Showrooms

Use our platform’s pre-built spaces or customize your own three-dimensional environments based on your business needs, your company’s branding elements and your creative ideas. From paper cups to airplanes, we can import digital twins to make your products transcend into the virtual realm in realistic and intricate detail.


Workspaces can range from simple meeting pods for smaller gatherings all the way to interactive boardrooms for larger groups and everything in between.

*Illustrative videos

People Hub

Onboarding new personnel or upskilling current employees is a first-level priority for companies seeking to maintain competitive relevance. The process can be both time-consuming and quite costly for companies, regardless of industry.


Human-Centric Work - We're committed to creating an immersive environment which fosters these three dimensions – creating value for you and your employees and supports their well-being and growth. We believe that human-centric work is the way forward.

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Here's what our partners have to say


“Mytaverse is fast evolving into a compelling space for virtual professional communication, one of the very best I have seen so far. The dream of Cyberspace is finally becoming a productive and lived reality.”

Patrick Schumacher


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